Having spent many years as Head Teaching Professional at one of Scotland’s busiest golf ranges I have experience teaching anyone from beginners or high handicappers to the elite scratch players.

So whatever your level might be I will always do my best to help improve your game with simple, easy to understand instruction that will have a big impact in your enjoyment of the game.

All my lessons are done either at the golf club or locally at the driving range along  with the use of an ipad, making it easy to understand and follow the things that will improve your game.

In 2015, I invested in Flightscope, which is a ball tracking device that takes my teaching experience to another level, this is now available at little additional cost.

Please note also that lessons are available to non members.

I also use the V1 Computer Golf Analysis Programme for some additional detail about your swing. 

For more information about improving your game please call me on 01236 754360 or email it really will benefit your game.


Lesson Prices:

Simon Mclean PGA Professional

Standard Adult Lesson - £25 (includes camera/V1 Golf)

4 Lessons package £90.00
Junior £12.00
Junior 4 Lessons £40.00

Flightscope Lessons-  1 x Flightscope £35 (1 hour)

2 Flightscope Lessons- £60

Game Evaluation- 1x On course Lesson with Flightscope (all yardages will be done) plus 2 x 1 hour additional flightscope Lessons- £100






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